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Technology in care homes

Holmer Manor Care Home is proud to be at the leading edge of technological innovation in the care home industry. Through investing in state-of-the-art equipment and software, we are determined to provide our residents with access to modern, safe and high-quality care services that utilise innovative technology solutions. Not only does this aim to improve our residents’ overall quality of life but also enables us to stay ahead of new developments within the sector as a whole. Unlike many other providers, we believe that the technology in our care homes can have huge benefits to our residents, their families and our staff, and is not, as one large group recently said, “a necessary evil”. 

Our commitment to providing the best possible care for our residents is second-to-none. Our investment in cutting-edge technology allows us to monitor their safety and wellbeing more effectively than ever before – freeing up staff time so that they can focus on delivering personalised, compassionate care at all times. Every day we strive towards creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable, secure, and well looked after!

Holmer Manor Care Home gives our residents the opportunity to communicate with family and friends, no matter how far apart they are. We provide them with digital connectivity so that through voice or video calls, meaningful connections can still be made even when meeting face-to-face is not an option – all thanks to the advanced technology in our care homes!

Available technology in our care homes

At Holmer Manor Care Home, we use a variety of digital systems, which we’ve detailed below. 

Needless to say, our team supports our residents and their families with the use of technology in our care homes

Our systems include: 

Used by residents and families:

  • High bandwidth internet
  • Wifi thoughout the home
  • Voice over Internet phones, which means residents can make and receive calls anywhere within the home
  • Zoom, Teams and virtually any online meeting including residents and relatives meetings and calls with GP/ third parties
  • Family portal, which gives minute by minute updates on loved ones (see Nourish)
  • Online visit booking application

Used to support our operations:

  • Nourish digital care management system
  • Omnicell – electronic medications administration
  • Nexus nurse call – enables real time monitoring of nurse calls and response times
  • Sophisticated monitoring, governance and quality control processes
  • Proxy access – online medications ordering / admin
  • GP connect – enables us to view resident’s health records
  • Trusted Care enquiry management – used to support enquiries for admissions
  • Asana – online purchasing and contractor management system
  • Microsoft Dynamics Finance system and online payroll
  • Judgement Index – ‘values’ based recruitment and staff development product
  • Remote video meetings
  • Online staff training


High bandwidth internet

At our care homes, we harness the power of fibre-based high bandwidth internet to create an unparalleled connection with speeds surpassing 50mbps for both upstream and downstream data transfer. Utilising this lightning fast technology allows us to implement digital systems, bolster connectivity among residents and provide superior entertainment options.


Our care home provides Wifi access in communal areas and every room to enhance the digital experience of our residents. With this technology, residents can enjoy instant access to:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • On-demand TV and movies
  • Voice over Internet Telephone (VoIP)
  • Video communications with loved ones
  • Internet browsing on their personal devices 

Our residents’ relatives can also use the same Wifi access as our residents. 

Additionally, our staff can benefit from the Wifi in our care homes, with phone access and advanced IT systems, care monitoring, and nurse call applications throughout the care home.

VoIP phones

Our care home is ready for the BT ISDN switch off thanks to our implementation of VoIP-enabled phones. By making all voice calls over the internet, we are ensuring seamless communication for our residents and staff.

GP/ third party online meetings

Our care home offers virtual healthcare meetings with GPs and social workers to ensure our residents receive timely and efficient care. By avoiding travel, healthcare professionals can focus on what matters most – their patients.

Family Portal

Our care home’s Family Portal offers a real-time view of individual care home care plans and daily updates, allowing families to stay informed and connected to their loved ones. It’s a valuable addition to our Nourish system. 

Online visit booking application

We have implemented an online visitor booking system that allows family members to easily schedule visits with their loved ones without the need to contact the care home directly each time. This convenient and efficient tool saves time and reduces potential scheduling conflicts.

Nourish Digital Care Management System

Our care home utilises the innovative Nourish Digital Care Management System, a cutting-edge cloud-based software application that enables us to manage and coordinate resident care seamlessly. The system integrates with other applications and systems to provide comprehensive and real-time information.

With Nourish, our team can deliver person-centred care by creating highly detailed personal care plans, activity timelines, scored assessments, and detailed notes that can be easily accessed. We record a wide range of information including weights, nutrition, hydration, medications, falls, incidents, skin condition, vital signs, and mood. Our staff can access and update Nourish through their smartphones, allowing for efficient and streamlined workflows.

Managers have access to a live information dashboard, enabling them to monitor the care provided to each resident in real-time and to make well-informed proactive decisions. The system also issues alarms and alerts to specified users, including the manager and CEO, to ensure that tasks are completed, and serious incidents are addressed promptly.


We use the advanced electronic medication administration and recording system, Omnicell, to support the safe and efficient administration of prescribed medication. The system automates medication processes, ensuring that every single item of medication is recorded and administered safely.

Omnicell also has detailed stock control functionality, enabling us to maintain adequate medication supply levels at all times. This innovative system significantly improves medication safety while increasing staff efficiency.

Nexus nurse call

At our care home, we take pride in utilising the Nexus nurse call system, which interfaces with our existing nurse call system. Our team members can communicate with one another seamlessly through this system without causing any disturbance to our residents. Instead of the traditional nurse call bells, the system sends a ‘silent’ nurse call/alert to every staff member’s smartphone.

With Nexus, we can ensure that every call is answered in a timely manner, as management is immediately notified of any missed calls. The system also enables us to monitor and analyse response times at any time or place, and management can receive alerts on their smartphones even when they are off duty. We believe that this technology has created a quiet, peaceful, and homely environment, which enhances the quality of life of our residents.

Sophisticated governance and quality control processes

Our care home employs digital management systems that allow us to implement sophisticated governance and quality control processes. We have built a Microsoft PowerBI system to extract data from all of our systems and create regular reports and alerts. This enables us to track the health and wellbeing of every resident, providing critical live information on pretty much every aspect. In case of any incident, management and directors can be alerted in near real-time.

We produce daily, weekly, and monthly reports that are automatically disseminated to managers, deputies, and Group management and directors. Our team reviews these reports in great detail, not just to ensure that we are doing everything necessary, but also to identify proactive steps we can take to enhance the quality of life of our residents.

Proxy access

At our care home, we understand that every second counts when it comes to medication. We have implemented a digital system called Proxy Access that enables the online raising of prescriptions from the GP, along with online ordering and tracking of medication orders and deliveries.

This system has offered a significant safety improvement as it ensures that everything is completed and delivered on time, freeing up our staff at the care home, and saving time for the GP practice. We are confident that this technology has enhanced the quality of life of our residents by reducing the risk of medication errors and ensuring that they receive their medication in a timely and efficient manner.

GP Connect

At our care homes, we strive to provide the highest quality of care possible, and we understand that efficient and effective communication between healthcare professionals is essential. That’s why we use GP Connect, a service that allows care home staff to access a resident’s clinical records on their GP’s system, and enables the GP to access our Nourish data. This valuable tool helps us to improve the quality of care we provide to our residents, as it allows for better collaboration between healthcare professionals in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

Trusted Care enquiry management

We understand that the process of finding the right care home for yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming and stressful. That’s why we use Trusted Care’s enquiry management system to keep track of new enquiries and monitor occupancy levels in our homes. With this valuable tool, we can provide a more efficient and effective service to our potential residents and their families.


We strive to provide a safe and efficient environment for our residents and staff, and we understand the importance of effective collaboration and project management. That’s why we use Asana, an online purchasing and task management platform, to streamline our purchasing process and track progress on key projects. With this valuable tool, we can place orders electronically, track deliveries, and manage contractors’ jobs efficiently, allowing us to provide the best possible service to our residents.

Microsoft Dynamics Finance system and online payroll

Managing finances and payroll can be a complex and time-consuming process. At our care homes, we use the Microsoft Dynamics Finance System to keep track of our income and expenditure and manage our budgets effectively. We also use this system to handle our online payroll, ensuring that our staff are paid accurately and on time.

Judgement Index

We understand that our staff play a crucial role in providing high-quality care to our residents. That’s why we use the Judgement Index, a values-based recruitment and appraisal tool, to ensure that our staff share our core values and are well-suited to being a carer and to our company culture. This valuable tool helps us to create a positive and cohesive working environment, ensuring that our staff are happy and motivated, and our residents receive the best possible care.

Remote video meetings

We understand the importance of effective communication and collaboration between our directors, managers, staff, and families. That’s why we use Teams and Zoom meetings to facilitate remote communication and conduct governance when appropriate. With this valuable tool, we can provide support and guidance, share learning experiences and best practices, and conduct meetings with relatives and other parties.

Online staff training

At our care homes, we strive to provide the best possible training to our staff to enhance their skills and expertise, and apply it to their work. That’s why we offer online training to all our employees, covering over 20 mandatory course subjects. We expect all our homes to have at least 90% of all required courses completed at any one time, and we monitor attendance and completion of other courses through an online system.

Moving forward with technology

At our care homes, we understand that technology plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of care we provide to our residents. With the advanced use of technology in our homes, we have witnessed increased independence and empowerment, enhanced entertainment, earlier intervention of health concerns, and more effective communication between family members and carers. We will continue to explore and implement new technologies to improve the lives of our residents and enhance the quality of care we provide.

Technology coming soon

We are currently in the process of introducing systems for falls detection and monitoring, pain detection and monitoring, and NHS remote monitoring applications. We are also working closely with the NHS and other organisations on a national and regional level to support the implementation of other technologies, including shared care records.

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