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Meet The Holmer Manor Team

Holmer Manor Private Care Home was acquired by Zo & Geoff Butcher in January 2019.

Together with daughter Hannah and son Michael, both in their mid 30’s, they run a number of other residential homes as a true family business. 

Our ethos is centred around the residents, and we see the house as their home, with us being the visitors. We try to encourage as many independent activities and as much self-sufficiency as possible. This allows our residents to remain in control and active with a good quality of life.

We wish to provide unrivalled care for every individual in the house and ensure they are happy at all times. This comes hand in hand with personal, one to one assistance. At Holmer Manor, we assign a personal keyworker to each resident, allowing for consistency, routine, familiarity and the chance to build up an extra special rapport.

Holmer Manor is a friendly community of highly qualified professional carers that aim to improve the wellbeing and happiness of our residents’ at all times. Our carers deliver the highest quality of care and support to whoever needs a helping hand 24 hours a day.  

We see our home as a resident’s home for life, and we do everything in our power to ensure a resident never has to leave Holmer Manor – to support that, we work with GPs, District Nurses, and other specialists to provide palliative care. 

Kirsty Jones

Registered Manager

A Nurse of over 35yrs experience Trained at Worcester School of Nursing. I have worked in a variety of settings including Major Injuries and Cardiac transplant.

I have worked as a Clinical Lead, Deputy Manager, Home Manager and Area Manager in the Elderly Care Sector for the past 10 yrs. In all of this time there has never been a single day when I have not looked forward to coming to work and I truly feel so lucky to be doing a job that I love so much. Being able to comfort people and help them feel safe and Loved is what I go to work to do.

More recently I have studied the Psychology of Health and Social Care management, and this has enabled me to grow and bond a team of staff so that hopefully they enjoy their job as much as I do mine. A smiling happy joyful team enriches our residents’ lives and it is feeling you should get as soon as you open the front door of any care facility.

I have 4 grown up children and enjoy Playing the Violin and Piano, walking, reading, crafting, and growing my own food.




Deputy Manager

Hi, I’m Becca and I am the Deputy Manager here at Holmer Manor. I started my career as a carer/support worker and have progressed into management so I have experience of all aspects of a home. Previous to Holmer Manor, I worked within Management in Children’s Crisis Care and Mental Health, predominantly Forensic Mental Health. I  have a wealth of experience with person-centred care and always strive to ensure every person is safe, happy and enjoying their life. Outside of work I enjoy walking my Cockapoo and visiting my family who are very special to me. I look forward to meeting you all.


Registered Nurse

I work as a staff nurse at Holmer Manor . I started my Nursing career in India just over twelve years and continue to be very passionate about my role. I have experience working in the Oncology department and mainly in the Neonatal Intensive unit while in India.

I moved to the UK in 2014 to improve my knowledge and learn new skills and since then has worked in care home sector . I have a great passion for caring my residents and to ensure my entire team provides the highest quality of care to our residents.

I am in the process of starting with my Level 5 in Leadership training and continue to update my knowledge and skills.

Other than work my hobbies are reading and yes of course a busy mum of two little ones.



We have owned and operated care homes since 1997; our passion for delivering great care and our zero tolerance for anything else has only grown year on year.

Our strapline “Because we care” is very real and, as individuals and a family, we get personally very upset if we fail to deliver anything less than brilliant care.

I am personally legally and, I feel, morally responsible for each and every home and its residents. If I am not visiting a home, I am in daily contact with the managers and their teams. Our systems and processes are all geared to letting me and my directors know when things have not been done and providing information to enable us to constantly improve.

We never think “this is great and it’s good enough” – we always strive to do better.


Operations Director

I have been working in the business for nearly 15 years.

My job now is Operations Director supporting the managers and their staff teams to make sure that we maximise the overall wellbeing of each and every resident.

Unlike other homes, this is not just about making sure that there is no poor care, it is about instilling and maintaining a passion for excellence in everything we do. Part of my job is to ensure the smooth running of the homes with really fast purchasing so if a resident needs something it is in the home within hours, not days or weeks.

I am also responsible for the décor and maintenance of the homes and hopefully making sure they are homely and fulfil the wishes and aspirations of each individual resident and their relatives alike.


Finance Director

My role as Finance Director is to ensure the long term financial sustainability of the Care Home.

I am also responsible for Health & Safety, Data Protection and Information Technology. I regularly work from our Care Homes as it’s important to be hands-on, working with our teams to ensure that the necessities of regulation don’t detract from the demanding job of delivering great care.

Unlike many in the care industry, we are investing significantly in IT; we see it as an effective way of continually improving the quality of care and to continue to be more responsive to our resident’s and staff’ needs. Our systems tell us in real-time if things have not been done; Care is a 24/7 business and we work every hour necessary to ensure that issues are addressed immediately.

Holmer Manor Care Home meet the team Butcher family

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