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New Radio Station for People Living with Dementia and Their Carers

A new internet radio station created for people living with dementia and their carers was launched on Wednesday 17th June.

The Music for Dementia campaign launched a new internet radio station, m4d Radio, with support from Music for Dementia ambassador and BBC Radio 6 Music DJ, Lauren Laverne. Lauren has been leading #Song4You, a celebrity song dedication campaign, on social media since 18th June.

m4d Radio offers a group of 5 themed non-commercial and advert free radio stations available 24/7. Careful focus group research and feedback has helped inform the music selected and ensures that it is always meaningful and appropriate. 

Each station on m4d Radio plays music that evokes memories and listeners can choose a station based on the year they were born and the musical decade where their musical memories were made.

Research has shown the positive effects of music including its ability to alleviate anxiety, agitation and depression and its use as a non-pharmacological approach to helping manage and contain symptoms of dementia.

At Holmer Manor Care Home, we recognise the importance of music and its benefits on care and mental health which is why, in support of the Music for Dementia campaign, we have made m4d Radio available to all appropriate residents.

Additional Information

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