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Holmer Manor Pony Visit

Residents at Holmer Manor were very excited to welcome Lollipop the miniature pony and her friends to the residential home this week.

Lollipop and her friends are frequent visitors at Holmer Manor care home. The ponies thoroughly enjoy all of the attention that they receive during their visits.

Our pony visits are organised by Lollipop Pony Parties, a local company that provide pony visits to children and the elderly. The miniature ponies travel to care homes across the country to interact with residents and offer therapeutic benefits to the elderly.

As carers, we find it incredibly rewarding to see the reactions of our residents and watch how engaged they are when given the opportunity to pet, feed and talk the ponies. 

The ponies are gentle and incredibly affectionate, making sure to say hello to every resident in the home.

Thank you again to Lollipop Pony Parties for a great afternoon.



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