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Debunking Common Care Home Myths

Care homes can sometimes get a bit of a bad reputation thanks to negative press. However, it is important not to believe everything you see in the media, as in reality for every bit of negative press, there are usually multiple positive and heartwarming stories.

Author and registered manager Liam Palmer, debunks some common myths surrounding care homes in an excellent article here.

Liam raises some important points in his article, and we feel it’s important to continue the discussion and address how we handle some common care home myths here at Holmer Manor.

Myth 1 – Relatives put their loved ones into a care home because they don’t care for them

In our experience, this is rarely the case. Typically, family members move a loved one into a care home with the view of giving them a better quality of life. Usually, residential care is sought because there is a significant risk to the health or well-being of a person by continuing to live at home. We see time and time again that the decision isn’t taken lightly and our professional and caring team provide expert support and guidance for family members at every step of the process.

We aim to make our residents feel truly at home and encourage family members to visit whenever they are able to thanks to our unrestricted visiting hours. We ensure residents are able to participate in family life and celebrations by accommodating occasions such as family parties or picnics in the garden. We also support family and friends in giving them the opportunity to take residents out for the day to spend quality time with them in a different setting.

Myth 2 – Mental and physical health declines when people go into care homes

At Holmer Manor, we actively aim to improve residents mobility and social skills through a range of stimulating activities, such as singing, games, crafts, visiting entertainers and trips to local attractions. We understand that nutrition is a very important factor when it comes to general health and well-being, and believe that all our residents should be eating, comforting, delicious and nutritious food to support a healthy diet.

We encourage our residents to look after themselves well, stay hydrated and make healthy choices. This positive approach to health and well-being, combined with standardised medication times and close links with healthcare specialists means that we often see a residents health improve when they come into our care.

Myth 3 – Care home operators are driven by greed and put profit before the well-being of residents

Holmer Manor is a family-owned and run care home, and we strive to provide unrivalled care for every resident tailored to their individual needs. We are passionate about delivering exceptional standards of care and ensure residents are content and thriving at all times, giving them a safe, loving and nurturing home for life. As a team, we want the best for each resident in our care, and their well-being always comes first.

We are in the care industry simply because we care.

Myth 4 – Care home fees are unrealistically expensive

When it comes to fees, we aim to be as transparent and helpful as possible. We understand that paying for care isn’t easy and recognise that financial situations can change quickly and often without much warning. We are very open about our fees and you can view them all here:

Our fees are calculated based on two factors; accommodation costs and the cost of care. Accommodation costs relate to the size of the room and the facilities, and also include furniture, linen and towels, heat, light and power, cleaning and laundry, meals, unlimited drinks, and maintenance of the property and gardens. The cost of care is calculated on a case by case basis relating to the specific personal needs of an individual resident.

Myth 5 – All older people are kind and patient

In our experience, this is often true! However, there are times that a resident may have an underlying health condition or trigger that they may or may not be aware of, which results in undesirable or even aggressive actions.

At Holmer Manor, we specialise in long term dementia and Alzheimer’s care so we understand the challenges that these medical conditions can bring, and the effects that they can have on both our residents and their loved ones.

We pride ourselves on working closely with the families of our residents, health professionals and specialists in the community to create detailed personal care plans that meet the complex individual requirements of a resident, in order to create a safe and secure environment. Our highly trained team are experienced and professional, always offering love and compassion in order to care for a resident in a way that best suits them.

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